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Wizard Climbing Line 11.5mm (7/16″)

Our 11.5mm  (7/16″) Wizard Climbing Line has been preconditioned so it is ready to work for you. It does not milk. Minimum breaking strength is 5600 lbs. 24 strand cover, 100% polyester rope with braided core. Stretch at working load is 1.3% as per Cordage Institute’s CI2200-19 International Standard. Sewn or hand spliced eye available. Red, Blue, Neon Green and Pink available in 600 ft lengths.

SKU: ARW11MM Category:
Product Code Colour Diameter Lenghts Available
ARW716RBBKY Red Yel Blue Blk 7/16″ (11.7mm) 600 ft
ARW716BRBKY Blue Red Blk Yel 7/16″ (11.7mm) 600 ft
ARW716GBBKY Neon Green Blue Blk Yel 7/16″ (11.7mm) 600 ft
ARW716PBBKY Pink Blue Blk Yel 7/16″ (11.7mm) 600 ft